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Altrincham Karate Academy (Nakashi)

Est. 1975

Altrincham Karate Academy

Altrincham Karate Academy is a traditional karate club with traditional values where the emphasis is on teaching authentic Karate.


The academy is recognised as one of the most successful Karate schools in the country, and is a Centre of Excellence for Shukokai Karate.


Our chief instructor is Denis Casey 8th Dan, sensei Casey created history in 2013, when he became the first non Japanese to be officially graded to 8th Dan, by "The Shukokai" in Japan.


The academy welcomes new members and experienced students of Karate. Special Classes are held for Children from 5 years and above, and Adult classes, male and female, both beginners and Advanced.

Whether it is Kata & Bunkai, Kihon & Kumite, to join us contact Sensei Casey by phone or email at the top and foot of this page.

Thank You


Denis Casey - Hachidan (8th Dan)

Chief Instructor

1968 - Began training in Karate (Wado-Ryu) - 4th Kyu (B.K.A.)

1974 - 1st Dan (S.K.U.)

1980 - 3rd Dan (S.K.U.)

1990 - 5th Dan (S.K.U.)

2003 - 7th Dan (S.S.K.U.)

1970 - Joined the Y.M.C.A. Shukokai Karate Club Manchester (SKU)

1977 - 2nd Dan (S.K.U.)

1985 - 4th Dan (S.K.U.)

1996 - 6th Dan (S.S.K.U.)

2013 - 8th Dan (S.S.U.) - Graded in Japan under Yamada Sensei

For further detailed information about Denis Casey, please see the Instructors page.


Yamada-ha Shito-ryu Shukokai Karate-do World Union

Altrincham Karate Academy is a member of the Shito-ryu Shukokai Union (United Kingdom) national karate association. One of the biggest and most successful in the UK today.

The SSU UK is in turn a member country of the SSU World Karate-do Union. See History page for further information.

Denis Casey Sensei, is the Chief Instructor and President of this association whilst running his own group of clubs. He is also the Vice-President of the SSU World Karate-do Union.

See SSU UK website for future details.

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Altrincham Karate Academy

Altrincham Karate Academy is Denis Casey and has 3 clubs at 3 seperate venues. See below or Clubs page.

Altrincham Leisure Centre, Oakfield Road,

Altrincham, WA15 8EW

Altrincham Karate Academy Facebook Page

Altrincham Football Club, Moss Lane,

Altrincham. WA15 8AP

Altrincham Karate Academy Facebook Page

North City Family & Fitness Centre

Upper Conran Street, Harpurhey, Manchester. M9 4DA

North Manchester Facebook Page

SSU UK YouTube channel

The SSU UK has it's own YouTube channel and there are some videos hosted on there. They feature Denis Casey Sensei, Yamada Sensei, Tani Sensei, Kamohara Sensei and other's in the Shito-ryu system.

There are some brand new videos and some vintage videos from the archives. There will be more added as time goes on.

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