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Photo Gallery (North Manchester - Harpurhey)

Kyu Grading - March 2017

Kyu Grading - 13th July 2017

Very well done to all the kids that passed their Kyu Grading this time around. It was good to see so many of you there and standards were up to the mark set by Sensei Casey.

Here's the list;


8th Kyu (Yellow):

Anneleise Emmanuel, Suzi Beaumont, Fambodji Lo, Bethany Samuel & Fione Emmanuel.


7th Kyu (Orange):

Ruby Waits, Ammara Raza, Abel Thadeus, Anastasia Malcanova, Jessica Fairchild, Anna Thadeus, Jack Driscoll & Maja Fraczek.


6th Kyu (Green):

Lucy Jackson, Bailey Downes & Thomas Jackson.


5th Kyu (Blue):

Niyaji Verma, Ayden Watson, Alfie Davies, Ruby Davies & Mateusz Lys.


4th Kyu (Purple):

Shiven Patel.


3rd Kyu (Brown 1):

You Xi Guang, Jason Lin, Christopher Walker & Hiahao He.


Onwards and upwards now to the next Kata and the next set of techniques... Keep training and practicing.

Not all the graders are on these photos below. will add more when they return (holidays).


Venue Open Day - 23rd July 2017

We had a club open day at North Manchester Family and Fitness Centre. A selection of our younger members came down to create a short demonstration of what we do.

Myself and Sensei Bentham, put together a few Karate drills that showcased our style, some self defence, a spot of sparring, some pad work, some take downs and a few other bits to music to lift the mood in the break.

We felt it went very well and although there could have been greater footfall coming up to watch us. The kids got involved and took part in everything we had planned.

We trust the venue were happy with what we put on and will all go towards getting more members in the club.

There are some photos here from the day.

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