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Altrincham Leisure Centre


The Venue


Altrincham Leisure Centre (Trafford Leisure)

Oakfield Road


WA15 8EW


0161 926 3255

Only contact the venue for venue related enquiries. For Karate see contacts page.

'More People More Active More Often'

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Located in the heart of Altrincham Town Centre adjacent to Altrincham's new Ice Rink and Tesco Extra store, this facility is one of Trafford's largest leisure facilities.

The centre provides a complete leisure package with activities and sessions for the whole community.

Altrincham Karate Academy takes place in the matted activity room on the upper floor. One of the walls is mirrored for some extra help with your stances and the matted flooring is padded and is perfect for bare feet and sparring drills.

There is seating opposite the mirror for spectators and parents.We make use of a lockable side room for equipment where all the pads and training aids are stored.


Training Times

Children (5 years and above)

Wednesday  6:00pm

Saturday  3.00pm


Adults (and Children 12 years and over)

Monday  7.00pm

Wednesday  7.30pm


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There is a "thing" called Dojo Etiquette. This concept revolves around the way we treat the venue/place that we study Karate. The way we conduct ourselves is very important, not only to set a good example but to show due respect to those that "have gone before" (Sensei's).

See the Etiquette page for more information.


Kyu Gradings (Colour belts)

Next Kyu Grading


(times TBC)

Kyu Grade Belts

See the Terminology page for further information about the Japanese language. There are sections on terminology, counting, strikes & blocks, etiquette and more...

Ichi, Ni, San, Shi, Go

Dan Gradings

For more photos see Altrincham Leisure Centre Gallery

Big congratulations go to all that successfully passed their Dan grade on the 14th May 2017, a lot of hard work has paid off.

- 4th Dan (Yondan):-
Helen Lomax.

- 3rd Dan (Sandan):-
Sana Niazi.

- 2nd Dan Cadet (Nidan):-
Khadeejah Choudhury, Ya-Seen Choudhury.

- 1st Dan Cadet (Shodan):-
Daniel Woodthorpe, Benjamin Clapham, Harvey Payne, Aaliyah Mahmood & Ibrahim Mahmood.

Very well done all.

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